Rural Home

Rural Home is a young and irreverent platform for short-term rental and listings for sale in Portugal countryside. Created with the main objective of supporting small-scale property owners and agencies in promoting properties located in the rural and coastal areas of Portugal, national and international level.

We are passionate about Rural Portugal!

We want to provide portal users with an affordable, fast and effective way to book holidays, buy and sell properties located in the interior and coast of Portugal.

Rural Home emerged from the ARA Project, a project promoted by EDIA and ATLA, which was also supported by the EDP Foundation. The ARA project aimed to support entrepreneurship and the creation of startups in the Alentejo.

Rural Home also intends to support rural and coastal destinations in urban regeneration and social and economic dynamization.

Our origins

Rural Home emerged from Rural Home Trip, a platform created in 2015 designed to facilitate the short-term rental process between hotel units and tourists in rural destinations. As well as promoting the Alentejo and the riverside villages of the great Alqueva lake.

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